The #1 challenge faced by most of the startup is Hiring and predominantly attracting Talent at Executive Level is a much bigger challenge than the routine hiring. Whether you are a Fresh Start up scaling up with Investments or an MNC entering a new country/region Executive Hiring is always a Chicken & Egg story. Safeguard your business interest by having a real insight of Talent Pool availability even before an Executive Search assignment through our innovative solutions.

Solutions offered

Get a real time insight on your potential executive talent with our project driven research approach. Our Talent Research service is totally client driven where we execute the research process as per the requirements and it's just not based on the data but also on the first hand interaction with the potential talent. Our this approach makes our research more realistic and practical than just being data driven and answers the critical question of a Startup hiring "When to Hire?", "Whom to Hire?"
Talent Mapping is a highly cost effective alternative to traditional recruitment spend. As a start up there is always an uncertainty to your business plans but at least now you can take away the uncertainty from human capital by leveraging our tailored Talent Mapping services. Our real time Talent Mapping service gives you a realistic overview of Talent Pool available in a particular geography & sector in a very simplified Research Report.
Get a deeper insight into talent that is currently with your competitors through our Talent Intelligence service. Our Talent Intelligence projects are tailored to supply the information you are looking for. Our projects can involve full structure mapping of competitor teams or sector specific relating to a particular channel of business. Our project driven pragmatic and straight forward approach gets you closer to your competitors by peeling back the layers to unveil how they are structured and talents behind their success.
Let's be honest "Money Matters" and predominately for a Startup it's a very critical aspect from both Company and Candidate perspective. While entering in a new geography or starting a new business venture it makes sense to have a benchmark Salary Study. We offer a tailored Salary Study solution across wide range of functions and industries. We just don't rely on generic, archive data but also interact direct with the potential talents and our industry network which gives you a fresh and most realistic overview of the market.
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